The G-RISE Meyerhoff Program is open to all U.S. citizens and permanent residents from all cultures and backgrounds. The program supports students pursuing Ph.D.s in the biomedical or behavioral sciences who are interested in diversity and underrepresentation in the sciences. View the list of supporting departments

Application Process

  • Interested students must first apply and be accepted into one of the participating Ph.D. programs.
  • For best consideration, students should notify the G-RISE Program staff of their interest and pending application (Email:
  • The G-RISE Program staff reviews the applications of accepted students and offers are extended on a rolling basis, unless otherwise dictated by the academic program.
  • Acceptance of the G-RISE Meyerhoff Program offer supersedes any departmental base offer and does not include merit awards.

Participating Programs

Biological Sciences

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemical, Biochemical & Environmental Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Human Services Psychology

Mathematics and Statistics