Graduate Research Training Initiative for Student Enhancement

The Graduate Research Training Initiative for Student Enhancement (G-RISE) program stemming from the Meyerhoff Graduate Fellows Program aims to develop a diverse pool of scientists earning a Ph.D., who have the skills to successfully transition into careers in the biomedical research workforce. Training grants supported by the National Institutes of Health offset the cost of stipends, tuition, and training related expenses, including health insurance, for the appointed trainees. Through workshops and events, students are given the tools to help complete their Ph.D. and transition into their career. See this UMBC News article highlighting the new G-RISE program, and check out this YouTube video on the outgoing IMSD Meyerhoff Graduate Fellows Program.

Career Training & Professional Development

The G-RISE Fellowship supports 2 years of funding, and trainees are eligible to submit a proposal with their mentor for a 3rd year of funding, contingent on their training plan. G-RISE Trainees have the opportunity to attend courses and workshops to guide for their career development. The flowchart below outlines the training workshops and courses to be attended.

Additional G-RISE Meyerhoff Key Components

Professional Development
  • Travel to Scientific Conferences
  • Support Through Degree Completion (academic and career advising)
  • Monthly Community Meetings
  • Program Retreats (Summer & Winter), pictured below
Student Roles
  • G-RISE Meyerhoff Graduate Student Association
  • G-RISE Meyerhoff Student Advisory Board
Additional Funding Opportunities
  • Eligible for Genentech Meyerhoff Fellowship 45K stipend, 3-month summer internship (post candidacy)
  • Diversity Speaker Series
  • Private Donor Funding/Annual Awards
Image from the Meyerhoff Retreat Hike at Harper's Ferry
G-RISE with the parent Meyerhoff Graduate Fellowship Program goes on an annual retreat to maintain a valuable connection between the fellows.